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How to Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter? 6 Effective Steps

Keep your Dyson Airwrap performance at peak with regular maintenance. Follow these 6 effective Dyson Airwrap filter cleaning steps and keep your Airwrap in top condition.

Always remember to switch off, unplug, and let the Dyson Airwrap cool down before starting any cleaning.

How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter

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Step 1: Use the Filter Cleaning Brush

The first step in cleaning your air wrap filter is to use the filter cleaning brush. Pass the brush over the cable and stick it on the filter cage. Wiggle it around the Airwrap filter cage, this helps to remove all dirt or dust clinging to the outside of the cage.

Step 2: Pull Down the Filter Cage

The next step is to pull down the filter cage in a simple way; Grab the Airwrap filter cage with your hand. Slowly but firmly, pull it downward. Now carefully pull open the filter cage and slide it off the cable.

At the time of pulling the filter cage, remember one thing that doesn’t yank or force it.

Step 3: Rinse Filter Cage Under Warm Water

Hold the Airwrap filter cage under the warm water faucet. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly to remove any remaining dirt or residue. Also tap the cage onto the sink to remove excess water.

Don’t use force at the time of cleaning the filter cage with warm water.

Step 4: Dry the Airwrap Filter

After washing, allow it to naturally air dry before moving on to the next steps. Don’t rush this process.

Step 5: Clean the Filter Mesh

Use the cleaning brush again to clean the filter mesh, scrub the inside mesh in circles and up and down. Keep it until it’s sparkling clean and no more dust bunnies are hiding.

Step 6: Slide Filter Cage Back On

After cleaning the Airwrap filter now carefully open the filter cage and slide the cage back onto the cable. Slide filter cage towards handle, snap for secure fit and performance.

Maintenance Tips

  • Use the provided brush on both the outer cage and inner mesh.
  • Always unplug Airwrap and cool down before cleaning.
  • Wash the cage with warm water, air dry.
  • Brush the cage thoroughly: Use rotating action.
  • Reattach securely: Slide back, snap into place.


Keep your Dyson Airwrap humming like new with these 6 quick cleaning steps. Regular care maximizes performance and lifespan. Always prioritize safety, unplug and cool down before you start. Follow the guide and use the handy filter brush to ensure a sparkling clean filter cage and mesh. Happy styling!

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