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Dyson V10 Genuine Battery Power Pack 969352-02


Dyson V10 Genuine Battery Power Pack 969352-02


Dyson V10 Genuine Battery Power Pack 969352-02

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to clean their house on weekends after a tiring office work on weekdays, and it gets super annoying when you have to keep searching for a power source in every room to plug in your vacuum cleaner, right? Well, not anymore because if you have not already switched to a cord-less Dyson vacuum cleaner from your old and outdated cord vacuum cleaner, then you are missing out on the weekend fun and relaxed house cleaning.

With the easy installation of the Dyson V10 battery with the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will experience the smooth and uninterrupted long hours of cleaning. At The Vacuum Wizard, we strive to deliver a solution for all the vacuum needs of our customers with our on the clock working trained professionals and an excellent customer care service. With the perfect fit Dyson V10 replaceable batteries, you can easily install it to your vacuum cleaner top quickly without any worries. Buy Dyson V10 battery online at The Vacuum Wizard today!

The Vacuum Wizard is the independent specialist in Dyson vacuum cleaners and their spare parts, so you don’t have to think twice about quality before purchasing any product. With our most extensive stock of Dyson vacuum cleaner batteries, we offer you the quickest delivery of the product at your doorsteps.

The perfect substitute or replacement battery for your Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner is the Dyson V10 Genuine Battery Power Pack. Buy Dyson V10 battery online at The Vacuum Wizard.

This is a replacement battery for Dyson V10 Series. It has rechargeable Li-ion cell Types and comprises a voltage of 25.2V. It has a capacity of 3500mAh, which is a high capacity for your Dyson vacuum cleaner in order to perform longer. This battery only takes 3 hours for a quick charge. It has 3 LED lights on the battery that shows the remaining power of the battery. This battery basically charges a cycle over a minimum of at least 300 times. This lithium-ion battery is rated for protection and relativity, built-in high voltage, access discharge, over current, and overheating protection safety not only for the battery but also for the vacuum cleaner.

Buy a genuine Dyson replacement battery for your Dyson V10 Vacuum with us. With the basic setup of the Dyson V10 battery with the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the heavy workloads of cleaning would be smooth and unaffected. We give you the best arrival of the commodity at your home with our most comprehensive inventory of Dyson vacuum cleaner batteries.

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Weight 0.755 kg
Dimensions 20 × 21 × 13 cm


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