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Dyson V10 VacWiz® Battery Power Pack 969352-02

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  • Replacement Battery Power Pack for the Dyson V10 from VacWiz®

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  • Replacement Dyson Battery Power Pack for the Dyson V10 Hand Held Vacuum.
  • This battery replaces Dyson Genuine Part Number 969352-02
  • VacWiz® replacement Batteries are of excellent quality and have been extensively tested for quality and performance and come with a 12 Month Warranty for piece of mind.

Thinking of replacing your old Dyson V10 battery with a new one? Buy Dyson V10 Battery replacement at The Vacuum Wizard. Our seven-cell, 76 WH lithium-ion power pack batteries has great power and uses nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery chemistry to provide shatter fuel. In order to deliver shatter power, Dyson’s smart energy management system controls power delivery. It is made of quality lithium battery cells, without loss of energy; it can be charged or discharged as required. The battery indicator consists of 3 different LED lights, each of which represents approximately 33% of the capacity.

Some safety tips for our Dyson V10 battery are required to follow for the long shelf life such as: do not attach the battery to flames; do not place the battery in a charger or devices attached to inappropriate terminals. Ignore power shortages, avoid unnecessary physical shock or vibration, and avoid overcharging and discharging. Never use a modified or defective charger, and for 24 hours do not keep the battery in the charger. Store the battery in a cool place that is dry and well ventilated.

With our most robust collection of Dyson vacuum cleaner batteries at The Vacuum Wizard, we send you the fastest delivery of the product at your door.

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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 9 cm


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