Dyson Hand Held Vacuum Pulsing?

Are you suffering from a pulsing Dyson Vacuum cleaner? If you are experiencing pulsing from your Dyson vacuum it is more than likely a blocked airway somewhere. We suggest first trying the vacuum without any attachments / motorheads etc. If after trying this the pulsing stops then the issue is within the attachment / motorhead. So check the airway ways of the attachment for any blockages and remove any debris and retest. If the above hasn't sorted the pulsing issue you have now narrowed the issue down to a fault with the airways of the ma[...]

Fixing your Dyson vacuum cleaner

When you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you would always optimistic and long for an extended lifespan. It is a fact that Dyson is a renowned brand with an excellent reputation. However, all vacuum cleaners are vulnerable to issues. When you have to deal with a problem, you must find ways to fix it. Here is some important information on fixing your Dyson vacuum cleaner:

Major reasons that make your Dyson vacuum cleaner less functional

Several reasons contribute to making your Dyson vacuum less functi[...]

How to maintain Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

Many people make complaints about a funky smell while using a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Immediate loss of suction is another common source of concern raised by many Dyson vacuum owners. These problems occur when don’t maintain the vacuum cleaner properly. Proper maintenance is what makes an appliance optimally functional. It also increases the lifespan of the equipment. How to maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner efficiently?

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