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Dyson V6 Main Body 965774-01

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Dyson V6 Motor Replacement: Genuine Dyson V6 Main Body

Is your Dyson V6 vacuum acting up, like losing suction or making strange sounds? It might be time to replace its motor with a genuine Dyson V6 motor replacement.

A new motor will bring your vacuum back to full power and make it work like new again. Don’t worry, changing the motor is quite easy, and with this genuine Dyson replacement part, you’ll have your vacuum running smoothly in no time.

How to Replace the Dyson V6 Motor?

Here’s how to replace the Dyson V6 main body:

  • Take out the dustbin and filter from your vacuum.
  • Use a screwdriver (the one with a cross-shaped head) to remove the screws that hold the motor in place.
  • Carefully lift out the old motor.
  • Put in the new motor and screw it back in using the same screws.
  • Once you’re done, your Dyson V6 will be as good as new!

Order your genuine Dyson V6 motor replacement today to get your vacuum working at its best again.

Signs to Replace the Dyson V6 Motor:

  • Vacuum is not suctioning as well as it used to.
  • Vacuum is making strange noises.
  • Vacuum is overheating.
  • Vacuum is not turning on.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it is a good idea to inspect your Dyson V6 main body for damage. If the motor is damaged, it’ll need to be replaced.

Note: This is the V6 model without the filter on the back just has the Max power button on the back.


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