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Dyson V10 Direct Drive Motor Head 967483-05

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Replace your worn-out or damaged vacuum cleaner head with the Dyson v10 head replacement. Designed specifically for the Dyson V10 model, this Dyson v10 direct drive cleaner head ensures optimal performance and efficient cleaning for your home.

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Upgrade your cleaning experience with the Dyson v10 motorhead replacement. Equipped with advanced technology, this dyson v10 replacement head delivers powerful suction and drives the bristles deep into carpets and rugs, effectively removing embedded dirt and debris. The direct drive mechanism provides consistent and powerful performance, leaving your floors spotlessly clean.


Key Features of Dyson Direct Drive Cleaner Head


  • Direct Drive Technology: The direct drive cleaner head of the Dyson V10 ensures maximum cleaning efficiency by delivering powerful suction and driving the bristles deep into carpets and rugs.
  • Perfect Fit Replacement: Specifically designed for the Dyson V10 model, this replacement head fits seamlessly onto your vacuum cleaner, restoring its performance to its original state.
  • Easy Installation: The direct drive cleaner head dyson is designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly replace your old or damaged head and resume your cleaning tasks without any hassle.



Why Choose the Dyson V10 Direct Drive Motor Head Replacement?


  • Unmatched Quality and Durability: Engineered with precision, the Dyson V10 Direct Drive Motor Head Replacement is built to endure the toughest cleaning tasks year after year. With its high-quality construction, you can trust that it will withstand the test of time.
  • Seamless Compatibility: This motor head replacement is effortlessly compatible with your existing Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner. Simply detach the old head and snap on the new one – it’s that easy! No need to invest in a whole new vacuum when you can upgrade with a replacement head.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: The direct drive motor head utilizes powerful suction and innovative brush technology to reach deep into carpets, extracting embedded dirt and revitalizing your rugs. It also effortlessly transitions to hard floors, ensuring every surface is left sparkling clean.


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